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本文给同学们整理汇总一些考研英语中常设计的话题词汇。环保:environmental protection low carbon economy 低碳经济  UN climate change conference in Copenhagen哥本哈根团结国气候变化集会  Greenhouse effect温室效应  Confront the threat of global warming(面临全球变暖的威胁)  To reduce the petrol engine exhaust emissions 淘汰(汽车)的尾气排放  environment- friendly society (生态型社会)  contaminate the environment 污染情况  natural resources(自然资源)  energy conservation and environmental protection (节能环保)  biological balance (生物学平衡)  bring about harmony of economic returns and contribution to society and environmental protection (实现经济效益、社会效益和情况效益的统一)  curb environmental pollution (治理情况污染)  develop renewable/substitute resources (开发可再生/替代资源)经济类:economy boom 蓬勃生长  low carbon economy 低碳经济  economic globalization(经济全球化)  sustainable development(可连续生长)  unfair competition(不正当竞争)  promote sales(促销)  fake and inferior product(冒充伪劣产物)  crack down on fake commodities (打假)  purchasing power(购置力)  fierce competition(猛烈竞争)  after-sale service (售后服务)  bread –and – butter issue(生计问题)  enterprise image(企业形象),brand effect(品牌效应)  retail industry (零售行业) wholesale industry (批刊行业)  credit crisis(信用危机) credit card (信用卡)  stabilize the commodity prices(稳定物价)  service trade(服务行业)  premature consumption超前消费立志(乐成/成才):succeed, achieve success the pursuit of success / achievement / happiness / individual self-realization  spare no efforts/pains to do (尽心尽力去做某事)= make great effort to do sth,  do with full persistence(坚韧不拔地做某事)  try every means to stay on top (尽一切努力取得乐成)  to realize one’s ambition(理想) 可以取代“to fulfill one’s dreams”  cultivate the sense of individual self-realization 造就一种自我实现(乐成)的意识  stand up to/ withstand challenges and difficulties(经得住挑战与难题)大学生活/教育:Education innovative learning(创新学习)  higher education(高等教育)  drop-out(辍学)  fake certificate/diploma(假结业证/文凭)  the craze for graduate school(考研热)diploma craze(文凭热)  poverty-stricken students(贫困学生)  further one’s study (深造)  quality education(素质教育)  teacher-centered,(以教师为中心) student-centered, (以学生为中心)  foster abilities(造就能力)foster comprehensive abilities( 提高综合能力)  improve the comprehensive quality(提高综合素质)  relieve the burden on students(减轻学生肩负)  be occupied with so much schoolwork(忙于作业)  college, university, students union(学生会)  extracurricular activity(课外运动)  practical capability(实际能力)  educational reform(教学革新)  academic plagiarism 学术抄袭  the examination-oriented education(应试教育)  interdisciplinary talents复合型人才(inter-融会,disciplinary学科的=多学科配景)  enhance the cultural deposits(提高文化秘闻)  good scores but low qualities(高分低能)  teach students according to their aptitude(资质) (因材施教)  possess political integrity and professional ability(德才兼备)  be a student of fine qualities and fine scholar(品学兼优)  improve the health and psychological quality(提高学生身心素质)  adjust to the social changes quickly(适应社会的改变)  meet the urgent need of the society(满足社会的急需)  a more vigorous, colorful and dynamic life(越发有意义和富厚的生活)就业:Employment job market (就业市场) job hunter/seeker(求职者)  employment pressure(就业压力)  employer(招聘方)employee(应聘者)applicant(申请人)candidate(人选)  position available/ vacant position(空缺职位)  competent(能胜任的), be qualified for(及格的), be appropriate to (适合于)  college expansion of enrollment(大学扩招)  contradiction between supply and demand in the job market就业市场供求矛盾)  not in line with major(与专业不符)  job arrangement and benefit(事情待遇和福利) promotion(提升)gender-biased(性别歧视的) appearance-biased(相貌歧视的)  money worship(拜金主义)  develop fully one’s potential and creativity(充实发挥小我私家的潜力)  brain drain(人才外流)文化类:culture crash(碰撞)  charming(极具魅力的)  splendid(壮丽辉煌的) charming(极具魅力的)  Chinese tradition culture is great and profound (博大精湛的)  The diversity of culture (文化的多样性)  pluralistic culture (多元文化)  Culture blending (文化融合)  integration and interaction(融合交汇)  English fever(英语热)盛行文化:Pop culture surf the Internet(网上冲浪)  science and technology(科学技术)  web-addiction(着迷网络)  computer crime(电脑犯罪)  e-commerce(电子商务)  virtual life (虚拟生活)  information era(信息时代)  cyber romance(网恋)社会现象:social phenomenon A thought-provoking phenomenon(令人深思的现象)  cause alarm and attention(引起了警惕和重视)  corrupt people’s mind (腐蚀心灵)  immoral behaviors(不道德的行为)  at the cost of (以…为价格)  set good example for(为…树立模范)  take action (接纳行动)  impose punishment on them(施加处罚)  aggravate the seriousness of…(使之恶化)  Project Hope 希望工程  information revolution 信息革命  jerry-built projects 豆腐渣工程  population explosion 人口爆炸  epidemic disease 感染病  dropout students 失学儿童  laid-off worker 下岗工人  reemployment project 再就业工程  clone technology 克隆技术  migrate laborer 民工  crack down on counterfeit goods / fake products 打假  devalue 贬值  expand domestic demand 扩大内需  state-owned enterprise 国有企业  deflation 通货紧缩  inflation通货膨胀  rechargeable card 冲值卡  Smooth Traffic Project 流通工程  anti-fake label 防伪标志  poverty alleviation 扶贫  infrastructure construction 基础设施  vicious circle 恶性循环  gender discrimination 性别歧视  psychological quality心理素质  pattern of consumption 消费结构  consumers’ association消费者协会  green food绿色食品  money worship 拜金主意人物特征、情感形貌:Characteristics  strong-minded(坚强的)  industrious(勤奋的)  harmonious(和谐的)  cooperative (互助的)  self-centered(以自我为中心的)  promising(有前途的)  dynamic(有生气的)  responsible(有责任心的)  influential(有影响力的)  profound(渊博精湛的)  devoted(忠实的,投入的)  generous(慷慨的)  critical(吹毛求疵)  warm-hearted(热心的)  hospitality(n. 热情好客)  enthusiastic(热情的)科技类technology  Science and technology(科学技术)  Web-addiction 着迷网络  Computer crime 网络犯罪  e-commerce 电子商务  virtual life 虚拟生活  information era 信息时代  cyber romace 网恋  surf the internet 网上冲浪。



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